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Leading Professional Translation Company in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Translation is one of the top translation agency in the state, catering to personal and business translations for years. Our translation rates start at: $0.10 for each word in document translations, $25 per page for translations of vital documents, and $7 per minute for audio translation. To get your free quote, ring us at (215) 874-3173. Our team is made of translators from around the world with very specific language and industry specializations. They go through rigorous training modules to add to their qualification so as to deliver only the best translations for our clients. We can translate any language, anywhere, anytime!

Each of our translators is a native speaker of their language, thus making them expertly fluent. They not only understand grammar and technical nuances, but much more. They can understand the colloquial terms used in the language, the cultural references in appropriate contexts as well as obscure words and phrases. This makes our Philadelphia translation company stand out among our competitors. Aramark, Comcast, COFCO, GlaxoSmithKline, Day & Zimmermann, etc., are some top companies in the city that require accurate translations. If you are visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art or Philadelphia City Hall, visit us; we are 1.9 miles from the former and 0.2 miles from the latter.

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Expert Philadelphia Language Translation Services

At Pennsylvania Translation, we offer translations in any language by native translators. Whether you are an individual requiring one or two documents translated or a multinational company with bulk translation requirements, we are here for you. Our translation team is equipped to handle any kind of translation because we have years of experience in this field. We can provide you with a tailormade solution for your project.

Our professional translation services in Philadelphia offer some of the lowest rates among our competitors. Our priority is to bring you high-quality translations that are up to your satisfaction. Whether you require a business translation or a personal document for USCIS, reach out to us, and you will not be disappointed.

We are available 24/7 on our customer support line as well as on chat and email.

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Accredited Philadelphia Certified Translation Services

A common request when it comes to translation is for certified translations. Most official agencies like USCIS, universities and courts require that any translations submitted to them be certified for accuracy. This must be done by an accredited translator, else the translation will not be accepted.

At Pennsylvania Translation, we offer certified translations at no extra costs with a guarantee of acceptance! We can have a notary present as needed.

When a translation is certified, it means that the document has been thoroughly and carefully translated by qualified professionals rather than laypersons. The certification should include details regarding the translating agency, translators, translated document, etc. This seal will assure the receiving authority that the document has been genuinely translated.

We are experts at providing certified translations. Contact our team to get started right away! We are 1.0 miles from Liberty Bell and 1.7 miles from Elfreth's Alley Museum. The union league of Philadelphia, The Cheesecake Factory, Monster Vegan, and Philadelphia City Hall are businesses near our location.

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Diverse Document Translation Services for All Industries

Pennsylvania Translation provides all types of document translation services in Philadelphia across various sectors. Our team includes subject matter experts from a number of industries who have deep knowledge of the vocabulary used in each sector. Thus, we can assign the perfect translators for your project based on the language combination and subject matter. Education, oil refining, manufacturing, healthcare, food processing, telecommunication, financial services, etc., are the top industries we serve in Philadelphia. This will ensure that you get the most accurate translations possible!

Our customer support executives can make sure that you are matched with the right translator, no matter which industry you are working with.

Considering that we are among the top accredited translation services in Philadelphia, clients rely on us for translations from a range of sectors:

• Business and corporate translations: Presentations, product catalogues, manuals, agreements, contracts, human resource handbooks, etc.

• Medical and pharmaceutical translations: Product descriptions, treatment plans, patient records, clinical trials, medical literature, etc.

• Legal and investigative translations: FIRs, contracts, legal agreements, police reports, witness statements, etc.

• Media, website, and entertainment: Webpages, audio and video tapes, films, advertisements, short movies, etc.

• Immigration translations: USCIS documents, visas, passports, work permits, university certificates, statements of purpose, etc.

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Affordable Translation Services and Language Services

Whether you require apostille translations or sworn translations, we are the best way to go. For any urgent translations we provide our fast sameday translations and rush services. All our translations are done by humans, and not software. We prioritize quality, thus we do not rely on bots or artificial intelligence for translations. This is why our ATA-certified language experts are relied on by all our clients

Our language specializations include Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, etc. We are a Philadelphia translation agency and a member of the American Translators Association. Besides translation, we also provide other language services such as:

• Transcription Services in Philadelphia: We have a full staff of transcribers who can convert your audio files to text with ease and accuracy. We support over 100 languages and can deliver transcripts within short deadlines.

• Captioning Services in Philadelphia: Captioning can increase viewership of your content multifold by improving search engine visibility. We provide subtitles and captions for videos at unmatched prices.

• Typing Services in Philadelphia: Our team has typists with a high speed and accuracy in typing complex documents. We can type your files within short timelines with 99% accuracy across files.

• Subtitling Services in Philadelphia: Subtitles are now mandatory for most video hosting platforms. We can generate time-coded subtitles for your content at a reasonable cost and deliver on time!

• Voice Over Services in Philadelphia: Get the best voice talent in the industry for your podcast or films by using our voice-over services. We can convey emotion with perfect fluency and diction.

• Localization Services In Philadelphia: Make sure that your content is perfectly converted to satisfy your global audience. Our localization services can modify your content and adapt it to suit the culture and context of your audience.

• Pennsylvania Translation is your best option when it comes to any type of translation or language services. Get your translations done by the top talent in the industry anytime, anywhere, without burning a hole in your pocket!

To get started, simply reach out to us now!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of hiring translation services? arrow icon
The translation services offered by Pennsylvania Translation are among the lowest in the industry. They also offer bulk discounts and free consultations for their translations.
Who requires translation services? arrow icon
Translation services are essential for businesses that have a global reach or are trying to expand internationally. They are also required for individuals applying for immigration processes and legal processes. Individuals may require translations for their personal needs as well.
How can I choose the best professional translation services? arrow icon
A reliable translation service will have a credible list of clients and reviews on their website. They will also be a member of the ATA and follow ISO standards. The turnaround time of an agency can also indicate their professionalism.
Why do companies need translation services? arrow icon
A company may have a number of immigrant workers or non-English speaking workers who do not understand important documents like contracts and handbooks. They may also have clients who are cross-cultural. Thus, it is important to have translation services to cater to these clients.
What is the cost of a certified translation? arrow icon
At Pennsylvania Translation, we provide certified translations by qualified, accredited translators at no extra cost. Contact our team and we will make sure that your translation is certified as per your requirement. We also provide notarized translations for clients who need them.
Is your location near the Philadelphia Museum of Art? arrow icon
Yes, it covers only 1.9 miles to our location from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Is your location near Philadelphia City Hall? arrow icon
Yes, it covers only 0.2 miles to our location from Philadelphia City Hall.
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